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RinshoTrial is a simple mobile App provided by Midentistry cc for monitoring the clinical evidence of oral health care products.  The App relies on Cochrane style systematic literature searches to identify prospective, controlled clinical trials per product. RinshoTrial presents its evidence for each product in two ways:

Geographically as map, indicating the location where trials were conducted in the world

Listing of full trial references

Users can forward the generated Maps and Listings to their email addresses of choice or share them on social media. In addition, the App allows users to request further information about the trial evidence, also including in-depth analyses and appraisals of the trial data.  

The data of RinshoTrial is continously updated and extended. Users can follow data updates and extensions via the blog: https://rinshotrial.blogspot.com/
Current product categories included in RinshoTrial, so far:

Trial selection criteria:                                
Prospective, controlled clincial study design
Treatment on vital teeth
Direct tooth restorations placed
Treatment longevity/survival/failure/patient satisfaction assessed                        
Specified product name(s) reported                                
Direct comparison to other material
Trial report published from 1990
(Adhesive materials currently not included)                        

(Lozenges, Chewing gums, Regular tooth pastes, Silver fluoride products, Infiltration technique, Fissure sealants not included)

Caries preventive products

Dental filling materials

Tooth remineralization products
Watch introduction video.

Fissure sealant materials
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Scientific basis